Contestant Information

THANK YOU for your interest in the MR. LEATHER64TEN Contest. Below you will find everything you need to prepare you for the weekend.

Deadlines, Dates & Agendas

All locations are at LEATHER64TEN, 6410 N. Clark St, Chicago, IL 60626 and at Jackhammer 6406
N. Clark St, Chicago, IL 60626 unless noted.

*This schedule is subject to change. Any applicant who has already submitted their application will be updated.

THURSDAY 03/12/20:
11 am – 7 pm:
LEATHER64TEN Day at the Leather Archives and Museum.

FRIDAY 03/13/20:
***5:00pm: Deadline for all Contestants to deliver to the LEATHER64TEN store: 1 copy of their 2 page application, 1 copy of their 1 page media release, 1 copy of their behavioral agreement, 1 clear copy of their valid state or government issued identification and 1 copy of their photo (either on plain paper or photo paper). Submit your application as soon as possible and before 5:00 pm 03/13/20. Any contestant that show up late for any part of the judged contest parts will be eliminated at the discretion of the Producers.

All remaining times will be confirmed in the weeks prior to the contest. The list below is so you can know what is expected of you.

8:00 pm: MANDATORY call time for all Contestants Meet in the LEATHER64TEN basement. Medal Ceremony and rehearsal.
9:00 pm: CONTEST PART 1: Meet & Greet: doors open at Jackhammer. Contestants to be out in event space to meet with the crowd, as well as sell raffle tickets to benefit charities.
11:00 pm: OPENING CEREMONIES: Introduction of each contestant. Contestants draw order numbers.
11:30 pm: Additional announcements. All Contestants back on stage one more time.

SATURDAY 03/14/20:
9:45 am:
MANDATORY call time for all Contestants Meet in the LEATHER64TEN basement. Prep for Interviews.
10:00 am: CONTEST PART 2 Interviews: each from 10-15 minutes. Open to the public.
11 am – 2 pm: BRUNCH: for Judges, volunteers, contestants & staff at the Jackhammer Sports Bar. Open to the public as well.
2:00 pm – 5 pm: LEATHER64TEN University: three 45-minute classes presented.
6:30 – 7:30 pm: Contestant and Staff dinner in the LEATHER64TEN basement. Optional.
7:30 pm: MANDATORY call time for all Contestants Meet in the LEATHER64TEN basement. Stage rehearsal.
8:30 pm: MANDATORY Contestant and producer poster signing.
9:00 – 9:30 pm: Contestants may be out in event space to meet with the crowd, as well as sell raffle tickets to benefit charities.
10:00 pm: MR.LEATHER64TEN 2020 CONTEST: Introduction of Judges, Tally Masters and staff.
NOTE: the start of the contest will likely be delayed, depending on how many people are in the bar.
CONTEST PART 3: Cruise Wear / Funny Question. Introduction of each Contestant.
CONTEST PART 4: Formal Leatherwear / 90-second Speech. Introduction of each Contestant.
MR.LEATHER64TEN 2019 step-down speech.
CONTEST PART 5: Whole Package / Serious Question. Introduction of each Contestant.
CONTEST PART 6: Audience Voting. Only used for a tiebreaker vote.
11:30 pm: CONTEST FINALE: Introduction of all Contestants for the announcement of winners.
11:30 pm: FUKR – Victory party in the Jackhammer.

SUNDAY 03/15/20:
11 am – 2 pm: BRUNCH: Catered for everyone, in the Jackhammer Sports Bar.
10:00 pm: SINGLET SUNDAY – at the Jackhammer Hole. Singlets available for purchase in the Leather 64TEN Store.

Contestants are strongly encouraged to schedule down time on Friday 03/13/20 and on Sunday 03/15/20. This allows you time to prepare properly for the weekend, as well as give you time to “come down” from the weekend.

Contestant Entry Rules

Failure to follow the below rules may result in disqualification at the discretion of the Producers.

  2. Must be at least twenty one years of age by the date of the contest.
  3. Must have a valid driver’s license/state issued identification listing their gender as male. Leather 64Ten also accepts contestants
    that identify as transgender female to male.
  4. Must agree to appear onstage for every category wearing appropriate fetish gear and participate in all judged categories while
    conforming to local regulations pertaining to nudity and obscenity. Testicles and penis must be covered at all times and a minimum
    one inch strip of material must cover the anus at all times.
  5. Must refrain from use of drugs and limit use of alcohol during the contest weekend.
  6. The winner must agree to represent the MR. LEATHER64TEN title throughout his title year and refrain from competing in any
    other local or bar based leather/rubber/fetish contest until the conclusion of his MR. LEATHER64TEN title year, including contests
    that send winners to compete at International Mr. Leather (IML). The exceptions to this rules are other regional, national or
    international title contests that do not send winners to compete at IML.
  7. The winner will be required to be a contestant at IML and follow the entire contestant process outlined by their organization.
  8. Must agree to permit photographs to be taken of him for use on promotional printed materials throughout their title year, as well
    as the LEATHER64TEN website, Facebook page or related publications and promotional activities.
  9. Contestants shall be prohibited from engaging in sexual activity or meeting privately with any judge or staff prior to the final
    announcement of the winner.
  10. Contestant behavior is judged throughout the weekend by both judges and attendees. Remember to behave appropriately, as
    your behavior may be reflected in your final contest score.
  11. Contestants must disclose any criminal history to the producers. Failure to disclose criminal history will result in the Producers
    disqualifying an applicant. The Producers have the right to refuse contest entry to any contestant.

Expectations of the Winner

  • The winner of the title MR. LEATHER64TEN is required to attend and judge the MR.LEATHER64TEN contest, to be held in Chicago approximately one year following their victory.
  • MR. LEATHER64TEN should maintain regular and frequent contact with the contest producer or their representatives to assist in planning and promotion and to provide regular updates to LEATHER64TEN patrons.
  • MR.LEATHER64TEN must conduct themselves in proper leather and/or kink protocol and dress if attending any LEATHER64TEN or Jackhammer special events during their title year, as well as when representing on social media. Any violation of this policy may result in forfeiture of the title at the discretion of the Producers.
  • The Title MR. LEATHER64TEN is the property of LEATHER64TEN and the contest producers, and all associated materials, including the vest, sash, stole and trophy can be confiscated at any time by the producers should they deem the winner to be unfit to complete the title year.
  • MR. LEATHER64TEN will be required to organize and participate in fundraisers for a local not-for-profit group.

Prize Package

The prize package for winners is different each year and dependent on donations from vendors and supporters. The preliminary prize package will be announced on the LEATHER64TEN Facebook page and website prior to the contest, but will not be finalized until shortly before the contest. The prize package will be valued at several thousand dollars. Visit the Sponsors page to preliminary contest sponsors for a sneak peak into potential prizes.

Contest Judging Method

The number of judges and points awarded is subject to change prior to the contest.

A panel of five (5) judges representing leaders in the local community will score MR. LEATHER64TEN contestants in a series of five (5) categories defined below, with a total possible score of 500 points. A straight scoring system is used with points outlined for each category. The contest could also include the audience vote component which is added to the judge’s scores in the event of a tie.

  1. Meet and Greet, Opening Ceremonies, Stage Presence (maximum 100 points, 10.0% of total score): Each contestant will be judged on their choice of leather they wear and their interaction with the judges, staff and every person they meet.
  2. Interview (maximum 100 points, 35.0% of total score): Each contestant will meet with the judging panel on Saturday afternoon to answer questions about the contestant’s interests, knowledge, willingness and ability to represent the title and other possible
    questions. Interviews will last no longer than 10-15 minutes each.
  3. Cruise Wear and Funny Question (maximum 100 points, 15.0% of total score): Each contestant will appear onstage and be introduced to the audience by the Emcees. Judging in this category is based on how they present themselves visually as a Leatherman, as well as how they answer a question onstage. Judging in this category is based on how well they can command the audience’s attention as well as how well they respond to the question.
  4. Formal Leather Gear and 90-second Speech (maximum 100 points, 25.0% of total score): Each contestant will appear onstage in their interpretation of full leather clothing that shows off both their personal confidence and their attention to the leather look. Each contestant will also be on stage with a microphone and will be given 90 seconds to speak on any topic of their choosing. It is strongly suggested that each contestant practice their speech prior to delivering it on stage.
  5. Whole Package and Serious Question (maximum 100 points, 15.0% of total score): Each contestant will appear onstage in minimal clothing that shows off both their personal confidence as well as creative display of their fetish interest.
  6. Audience Vote / Tie-breaker Scores (Sliding scale points from 100-0): Audience members will assist in the selection of MR.LEATHER64TEN by casting a ballot for the individual they believe should be MR. LEATHER64TEN. Points will be awarded based on the number of votes that each contestant receives. Since the audience vote is not part of the full contestant selection process, these points will be used only if the overall scores between any 2 contestants from the five scored categories are equal. Points: 1st place 100 pts, 2nd place 80 pts, 3rd place 70 pts, 4th place 60 pts, 5th place 50 pts, 6th place 40 pts, 7th place 30 pts, 8th place 20 pts, 9th place 10 pts, 10th place 5 pts.

Determining A Winner

The contestant whose total score is the highest will be declared the winner. The contestant whose total score is the second highest will be declared the First Runner-Up. The contestant whose total score is third highest will be declared the Second Runner-Up. All decisions are final and will not be reversed.

In the event of any dispute regarding the tallying of the contest, the contest producers shall make the final determination of the winner through a secret ballot decision. The Producers decisions are final and cannot be reversed.


If you have any questions please contact the contest Producers. Thank you and good luck!

Eric Kugelman at
Todd Davidson at
Nick Holmberg at
Jorge Vienes at
Michael Pacas at

If you choose to fill out the paper version of the application (located above), please complete and Mail or Drop Off at the store:

LEATHER64TEN, 6410 N Clark St, Chicago, IL 60626

Email to:

FAX: 872-208-7936

*Please Note: Paper applications are also available to pick up at Leather64TEN